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Not all phone numbers can be processed into links by WebDialer. Note the following limitations of click-to-dial technology, where WebDialer will not create links:

  • When switching from one phone (physical or softphone) to another phone, it is recommended that you log out of the phone you've been using before logging into another phone. This will prevent delays of up to one hour caused by the WebDialer application not yet recognizing the new phone because the application is still attempting to communicate with the previously used phone.
  • Phone numbers appearing as part of an image (a "picture" of a number). These phone numbers are only highlighted and clickable IF the web developer created a custom page with a predefined phone number link.
  • Phone numbers containing characters other than digits (e.g. 1-800-BUY-TOYS)
  • Numbers that are not clearly formatted as phone numbers such as 4083313300 (no spaces, dashes, or other separators).
  • Phone numbers that are already click-able links (WebDialer will not alter an existing link).
  • Phone numbers that appear in Web pages that restrict modification and block integration with applications like WebDialer
  • Phone numbers appearing as values in a text area or text box.




Internet Explorer:



1. Use the ASSOCIATED EMAIL ADDRESS with the client account in the username field, password is the users account password.

2. Open the Advanced Tab.

3. Set the server address to the IP address of your ShoreTel HQ server





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