KB004 Proper Format for ShoreTel File-Based Music on Hold


To use the file-based music on hold feature of ShoreTel, you must upload the file to a specific directory with specific settings.

Directory to Upload To: C:\Shoreline Data\Vms\MOH

File Format Information:

File Format: .WAV
Channel: MONO
Algorithm: CCITT µ-Law
Sampling Rate: 8 kHz
Coding: 8 Bit
Max File Size: 6385 KB

Additional Notes:

You should not have any spaces or special characters in your file names.

MOSS and ShoreTel recommends that you review the legal impacts of using copyrighted music files for use with the File-Based Music on Hold features.

Files larger that 6385KB can be used, however, the default limits will not allow the files to be transferred to a DVS or V-Switch. Contact MOSS if you would like some assistance to avoid this limit.

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