KB008 Suggested Event Filters for ShoreTel Admins


Under Maintenance select Event Filters in ShoreTel Director/Connect 

Click Add Event

Input the receiving email for these alerts


Add all or choose from the following recommended event list

106 - Error Switch

The ShoreGear switch experienced an internal error and is reboot


116 - Error

The switch is unable to communicate with the other ShoreGear switch specified


119 - Warning Switch

Excessive number of packets lost from specified switch


233 - Warning TMS has disconnected from specified switch

TMS is reporting that it cannot communicate with the switch


234 - Information TMS has connected to switch

TMS has detected a switch and opened communications with the device


805 - Server has lost connectivity with a notification client

Usually indicates that one of the ShoreWare services crashed without properly closing its connection


1310 - Error Switch T1 framing error

The T1 switch is experiencing framing errors (Check cabling, contact service provider)


1319 - Emergency Service Call on port of specified IP phone

Details what phone call Emergency services like 911


1342 - Error Switch T1 Signal error

D-Channel Down, Check the cabling, contact your service provider


2703 - Spare Switch will fail-over to site in specified time

Spare switch has been instructed to fail over to a particular site from server


2704 - Spare Switch will fail over from specified site to site

Spare switch is switching from one site to another


2705 - Spare Switch will fail back from site

Spare switch will go back to "Fail-Over" state


3108 - Distributive Routing Service (DRS)

Switch has reconnected via DRS


3109 - Distributive Routing Service failed to connect to specified switch

Switch is not using DRS, Confirm switch is up and check network connectivity


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