Install new SSL Certificate in Airwave

For Airwave 8.2.10+

1. Log into the CLI with the configured ampadmin username and password

 2.  Select option 5 for Users, 3 for Add File Transfer User, create the user awsftp
 3. Use WinSCP to log into Airwave using SFTP
 4. Drop the certificate (has to be in .pfx format or .p12 format) into the user folder
5. Go back to the CLI and type B to get back to the main menu
6. From the main menu, select 3 for configuration, the 4 for certificates, and then 1 for add SSL cert
7. Select the cert you just dropped into the User directory, and input the password for the cert, if any.
8. Select Y to restart the web UI and load the new certificate.

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